Welcome! Get to know Blaise and Jeannette Gaïtou

Allow us to introduce you to Blaise and Jeannette. They are committed to give their time and talents for the work in Niger (Africa). Blaise and Jeannette are our mission partners. Blaise grew up in Niger, Jeannette in the Netherlands. They live in Niger to teach and support the people of Niger. Living in Niger gives them the ability to learn and know the needs of the people they work and live with. Niger is one of the poorest and least developed countries around the globe. We believe that education is the keystone to independency and so to a better future. Therefore, education is the theme of all the projects we support. Blaise and Jeannette are the living engines/driving force? behind the projects.
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Welcome to the 'Stichting Niger Zending' website

'Stichting Niger Zending' is a (Christian) interdenominational organisation which supports mission partners in Niger. We challenge you to support our mission partners with us in their development- and mission projects. Support Blaise and Jeannette to support the people of Niger to become more able to support themselves. We encourage you to help. Together we can make a difference in the battle against the poverty in Niger. Read here our (summary) vision and mission statement.

How it started

The Foundation 'Stichting Niger Zending' has been founded in 2002. Starting September 2011 the foundation supports Jeannette and Blaise in their activities. "Their love and passion, investment in youth, families, education and work, reveal Christ in Niger visibly, audibly and tangibly" as said by Manuel Noordermeer, founder of 'Stichting Niger Zending'. Lees verder

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Niger The largest part of Niger is located in the Sahara desert, in the Midnorthern part of Africa. Thus, approximately 80% of the country is desert. It is dry, dusty, and hot (during the dry season, March till May the temperature rises to 35 to 50 degrees Celsius). Niger has a population of approximately 16.5 million. The country measures about 30 times the Netherlands. Niger is one of the poorest countries on the globe. According to the

UNDP-index (2013) human development is also among the most limited worldwide. Niger has freedom of religion. About 80% of the population is Moslim, 2% Christian and 18% adheres to indigenous religion. The Gaïtou family lives in the town of Maradi. With a polulation of 206.414 in 2011 and is located near the border with Nigeria.